Services We Offer

There is nothing that I am more proud of at JTC Bike Centre than the quality of the mechanical work that we deliver. We are pleased to offer one day turn around on weekdays, but doing it right is much more important than doing it fast. We regularly get professional training and superior tools as new technology comes out.


Our service staff also cares about you and your bikes as individuals. We want to hear about your experience so that we don't just service your bike in a generic way. We strive to make sure the job is done right from your point of view, not just ours. We guarantee your satisfaction on all labor charges at JTC Bike Centre.


We have standard service packages, however bikes rarely have the same needs. Bring your bike into either of our stores and let a us look it over. Describe any mechanical problems you have been having as specifically as you can and tell them what you want accomplished. By the end of the conversation they can usually give you an accurate estimate of what it will cost. If you love an old bike because of the way it feels, fits, or handles and want to restore it, we are here to figure out exactly how to make that possible.


  • - Check Over and Basic Adjustment
  • - Full Bicycle Adjustment
  • - Complete Overhaul
  • - Wheel Building
  • - Consultancy
  • - Custom Bike Building
  • - Special Order Bike Size
  • - Excellent After Sales Services!
  • - Bike, Parts & Acessories Dilivery

Our Promise

We generally accept appointments for maintenance, but rather work on more of a flexible schedule basis of first come, first serve. This often allows us the ability to return your bike to you within one working day.